Welcome to the Best Beach
in Cape Breton

Located a few kilometres south of the village of Margaree Harbour on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this gorgeous beach is cradled in a cove, and offers long, shallow water areas and great views. A freshwater stream crosses the beach and empties into the ocean. 

Open Dawn to Dusk Daily.

Grassy sand dunes and dramatic cliffs surround this beach. This beach offers the perfect combination of natural grasses, soft sands and clear warm water.

Chimney Corner is named after the unique rock formation that can be seen at the end of the cove. However, climbing onto this rock formation is extremely DANGEROUS. In addition, the sea cliffs at Chimney Corner Beach are constantly eroding. Climbing the rocks and cliffs can lead to rockslides and rockfalls. The rocks, boulders, and Chimney Corner itself are for viewing enjoyment from the beach, not for climbing, exploration or selfies.  Serious injuries have occurred on these rocks.

A privately-owned PARKING AREA has been made available
for beach patron parking only.


No overnight parking - violators will be towed.

The parking area is only open from dawn to dusk daily.

Please keep the beach and parking area clean.

No littering, take all garbage out. There is no garbage service available at this beach.

There are no washrooms so please plan accordingly and do not use the parking lot or the surrounding private property.

No campfires allowed in the parking lot or on grassy areas of the beach.

No camping allowed.

No commercial activities allowed.

All dogs must be kept on a leash for the safety of others.

Lands around the sandy beach, including the cliffs and rocks, are private property - Please keep out.


There are NO lifeguards on duty at this beach.
There are NO hiking trailheads at this beach.
There are NO change houses, washrooms, picnic shelters, picnic tables, or fire pits at this beach.

Use the parking lot and the beach at your own risk.

Lands around the sandy beach are dangerous, especially the cliffs and rocks - Please keep out.

The owners of the property are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents.

The owners of the property are not responsible for accidents or bodily injuries.

Lands around the sandy beach including the cliffs and rocks are private property - Please keep out.

Let's Work Together

There is a significant garbage problem (including plastic bags, cigarette butts, food wrappers and bottles) along the beach. These items pollute the shoreline and the seawaters. Let's work together to keep our beach and water clean.

Unfortunately, the lobstermen's rubber bands that are fastened around lobster claws are washing to shore and accumulating on the beach. If you see any, kindly help keep the beach free of this garbage by collecting and disposing of them.